Hope & Joy Camp

Last Friday, August 3rd, marked the end of the summer camp for vulnerable children and teenagers with limited resources in the eastern region of the country, Camp Hope and Joy 2018, which has been organized by La Romana Family Clinic.

Hope and Joy Camp provides a safe and joyful environment, where children and teenagers from the Family Clinic’s pediatric program experience support, love, affection, and respect from a team of adult volunteers, called “uncles and aunts”. Campers engage in a variety of activities such as painting, sports, music, drama, games and crafts, with the aim of strengthening their skills and self-confidence for a healthy life. This year, fifty-four campers participated in the camp in Jarabacoa, under the motto “Conquering My Next Goal” and the theme of the Olympics. The final highlight of the camp was the great talent show during which campers and uncles and aunts, dressed in Olympic costumes, showed off the best athletes in singing, drama, dance, and all were awarded Olympic medals at the camp.

As they begin to talk about their experiences at camp, the faces of the campers brighten up. Given their energy and joy, it is hard to conceive that they live in many precarious and complex family environments on a daily basis. Returning from camp, campers gave emotional testimonies about the significance of the camp in their lives. As one camper returned to the bus, he commented: “This year was incredible, we experienced a wonderful setting, experiencing different sports that complemented the Olympics we held this year, teaming up and being super champions when we reached the finish line”. Children and teenagers were already showing their great desire to return next year, even when the camp wasn’t over yet.

Through the fundraising department’s work and advocacy campaigns, it was possible to raise the funds required for the camp. This is very satisfying because every year more and more people and sponsors, whether local or international, become aware and relate to the celebration of this activity and to the importance and need for our children and teenagers to attend Hope and Joy Camp.

Our eternal gratitude goes to the following institutions that have made the camp possible this year, including: International Women’s Club, Children’s Global Health Fund, Autozama, Fundación Popular, Pricesmart, Bionuclear, Deloitte, Fundación de Valle, Microfundación FGLE, Grupo Ramos, Empresa Los Ángeles, Almacenes Iberia, Asociación Cibao de Ahorros y Préstamos, Mapfre BHD Seguros, Asociación Romana de Ahorros y Préstamos, Dielara, C por A, M. González & Co., Comercial Rosa, Agua El Edén, Encajes La Rosario, Impresos Castro, Farma 2B and Bayahibe La Romana Hotels Association, as well as all the people who donated cash or in-kind for the camp.

If you require further information, please contact:

Maria Consuelo Perez, Public Relations Officer


Phone: 809-813-2934

Cell phone: 829-659-4838